Joyce Cheng and Shiga Lin attended the premiere of their new web drama Sexy Central in Hong Kong on June 10.

The series has been called “the Hong Kong version of Sex and the City”, and Joyce revealed that this is the most extreme role she has ever taken. When asked if she is looking forward to watching her own intimate scenes, she said, “I’m only in charge of the comedic parts, not the sexy ones. What I’m looking forward to seeing is that ‘testing’ process before a couple gets together.”

As for whether she currently has any potential suitors, Joyce laughed and said that she has been making a lot of new friends recently, but her standards for a romantic partner are quite high as she is hoping to meet someone with striking looks and a good sense of humour.

In other news, recent reports have alleged that Nicholas Tse is unhappy that his sister Jennifer, who is a good friend of Joyce’s, had given birth to a baby out of wedlock. However, Joyce clarified at the event that this is not true.

“How could anyone be angry? Everyone is very happy for her including myself, even though I’m not part of her family,” she said, adding that Jennifer will return to Hong Kong when she is ready, but Joyce does not know when that will happen.

Photos: TPG

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