Joshua Tan just proposed to his girlfriend

The actor popped the question on their second dating anniversary.

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Sorry ladies, Joshua Tan is off the market. The local actor got down on bended knee to propose to his girlfriend of two years, Zoen Tay, on their second dating anniversary last week and she said yes.

The happy couple spoke to Toggle in an exclusive interview today (Dec 30) hours before they broke the news on social media. Joshua mused, “I wanted to announce it on my own terms lah,” he chuckled. “I know people will probably be curious to know why, when and so on, and since we’re going public with it anyway, I think it’s better to get some things clear.”

Before you wonder any further - no, Zoen is not pregnant.

“There’s nothing wrong with getting married under different circumstances, but for us, that’s definitely not the case,” the 29-year-old actor assured us. This being Zoen’s first time speaking to the media, Joshua also encouraged her to tell her side of the story throughout our chat, as he explained, “The last time we spoke, it was a one-sided narrative on my end. I feel that she should have a voice too, which is why we decided to do the interview together.” Aww.

Zoen, who is currently studying medicine in UNSW Sydney, is on summer vacation and will be entering her fourth year in February. The course will take a total of six years to complete. She turned 22 this year, although she chuckled that she sometimes feels like she’s the same age as Joshua because they’ve been hanging out a lot with his friends - some of whom are in their 40s or 50s - since they started dating.

The pair let on that they have been discussing the topic of marriage for about half a year now, which is why Joshua decided to pop the question. “I mean, she even sent me links of the ring that she wanted. I’m pretty sure that was a green light, right?” he laughed. 

Apart from it being their second dating anniversary, Joshua also wanted to propose before Zoen went back to Sydney for her studies. That being said, they are not rushing to tie the knot, as Joshua explained that he will let Zoen make all the decisions when it comes to their big day.

“I haven’t really thought about when we’ll have our wedding ceremony,” Zoen smiled. “For now, we’re just enjoying the process of being engaged. I think having it around the same time as my graduation will be nice.”

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