Jordan Chan has revealed that he really wants to give his six-year-old son Jasper a younger sibling, and that he would love to have another boy.

Speaking at a recent press conference in Taipei to promote his upcoming concert there, the Hong Kong singer-actor admitted that he and his wife of nine years, Hong Kong actress Cherrie Ying, have been “working hard every day” trying for another baby.

As for why he prefers another boy over a girl, Jordan laughed and said, “They say a daughter is a father’s lover from a past life, but what if I get an enemy from my past life instead!?”

Jordan went on to share that it’s very difficult to get Jasper to listen to him, as the boy tends to obey his mother more. However, he doesn’t mind, and finds their kind of relationship quite enjoyable. “It’s like two men getting along, teasing each other back and forth.”

Photos: TPG

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