Hong Kong singer-actor Jordan Chan had rehearsals for his upcoming Stop Angry world tour in Hong Kong on November 5.

The first stop will be in Chengdu on November 10. "I only had about a month to prepare for the concert, so of course I'm nervous! But nothing is impossible for me," he said.

When asked if his son Jasper will go to watch his concert, Jordan said, "I hope so. A lot of ideas for the concert were inspired by him, and he has never gone to a concert before. I hope this will be his first concert." However, he added that it also depends if his wife Cherrie Ying would allow their son to go.

Talking about the recent passing of renowned novelist Louis Cha, Jordan said, "Now that Master Cha has left us, I feel like we've lost something. He was a literature master. So many friends have left us recently, I hope they are all in a happier place."

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