Hong Kong singer-actor Jordan Chan shot the music video for his new song 'Stop Angry' in Hong Kong on August 6.

Sharing about the inspiration behind the song, Jordan said, "Once, [my son] Jasper told me, ‘Can you stop [being] angry with me?’ while we were filming a TV show. He has heard the demo but doesn't understand the song yet. He just laughed and said, 'Stop angry with me'."

Jordan will hold a concert at the end of 2018 and he is currently on the search for a venue. Unfortunately, he revealed that Jasper will not perform with him on stage. "He is too young. I'm worried he cannot control his behavior," he explained.

Jordan and Jasper had just finished filming for Where Are We Going, Dad? in the mountains. "I didn’t feel well until I took in some extra oxygen and ate some pills," Jordan said. "But Jasper didn't seem to suffer from altitude sickness at all. I hope to bring him to see more places during the summer vacation."

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