Jordan Chan’s son wanted to go on ‘Where Are We Going Dad’ again

Jordan Chan explains why he went back on his words of keeping his son Jasper out of the limelight

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5-year-old Jasper made a request his father Jordan Chan could not say to – he wanted to go on the latest and sixth season of Where Are We Going Dad?, after a fruitful experience last year.

According to Hong Kong reports, Jordan and his wife Cherrie Ying felt that it was best to keep Jordan out of the limelight as they did not wish for him to join showbiz when he grows up. The couple originally intended for him to “disappear” from the spotlight after the fifth season of Where Are We Going Dad? wrapped.

However, Jordan was left with no choice but to backpedal on his words after Jasper expressed an interest to join the new season of the Chinese reality series, which showcases famous dads and their children bonding during their short trips to different parts of China.

The Hong Kong singer-actor discussed about it with his wife after he officially received an invitation from the production team and they decided to take it on as a “vacation”.

Jordan also explained that Jasper had the impression that he will be reunited with the kids from the last season and had asked if Du Jiang’s son, Du Yuqi (or E Hen) will be there. Unfortunately, none of the dads from the previous season—with the exception of Jordan—made a recurring appearance this season.

Even though Jasper was not with his friends, the 5-year-old had just as much fun with the new kids, said Jordan, and even took a liking to veteran Chinese actor Bao Bei Er’s "really cute" daughter (nicknamed ‘Dumpling’).

Although he relented to Jasper’s request to guest on the programme again, Jordan baulked at the idea of Jasper joining showbiz in future.

“I absolutely object [if] he joins showbiz because we have done it for so many years and this is a very tough industry,” said Jordan in an interview.

Jordan’s popularity skyrocketed after he went on the programme with his son Jasper last year. It opened up new work opportunities for him and he reportedly charges five times more for appearances these days.

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