Jolin Tsai to Show Luo: I wish you a love that lasts forever

She sent her wishes to him through a video message, which was played at his fanclub’s anniversary party

show luo jolin tsai

It’s no secret that Show Luo is very much in love with his girlfriend, Chinese blogger Grace Chow. The pair have become increasingly open about their relationship on their respective social media platforms, which has, in turn, started rumours of the pair tying the knot soon.

Last weekend, Show held his 10th anniversary party for his fanclub, S.F.C (Show Fans Club) and invited a hundred members who have supported him for the past decade.

His buddy and fellow artiste Jolin Tsai sent him a fondant cake in the shape of the God of Fortune at the party, and sent her well-wishes through a video message, which was also played while the guests were present. In it, she chuckled, “I wish you and that person… Have a love that lasts forever.”

While she did not directly mention Grace’s name, there were no prizes for guessing who Jolin was referring to.

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During the party, which was meticulously planned by Show, another video, which was edited by the singer himself, showed snippets of the numerous things that he has done for his fans, including holding up an umbrella for them in the rain, slamming a table and walking off during an event to protect his fans’ rights, and getting hurt when trying to prevent his fans from shoving at each other.

He also played a number of games which saw him get up close and personal with them, including one where fans rolled a specially designed dice to decide which part of his body they would touch. Some of the options included his clavicle, his armpit and rubbing ears with the star.

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