Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai was one of the biggest winners at this year's Golden Melody Awards, where she picked up Album of the Year for Ugly Beauty, as well as Song of the Year for 'Womxnly', on Saturday night (Jun 29).

During a celebration party after the event, the 38-year-old singer admitted with a laugh that she was so nervous, she suffered from an upset stomach all the way until she was conferred her final prize of the night. But she had an unusual and not-so-kid-friendly solution that made it all go away.

"Before I went on stage, I said a very loud 'f***!' and my stomach immediately felt better," she chuckled. "So I think if you're facing any bulls*** in life, what you can do is to scream 'f***'!"

Jolin also took the opportunity to poke fun at her good friend Ashin, who presented her with the Song of the Year trophy with his group Mayday. When asked what it was like to hug him, she quipped, "I think he needs to lose a bit of weight... I'm just kidding! He probably had water retention."

She then explained her decision not to walk the red carpet before the show, which understandably disappointed many fans. "I can only say that I'm very thankful that everyone was looking forward [to seeing me on the red carpet], but to be frank, I'm getting a little tired of walking the red carpet," she confessed. "My team also understands that I'm not someone who likes to plan things too far in advance."

Photos: TPG