Jolin Tsai doing well after concertgoer shines laser in her eyes

The singer displayed her professionalism by completing her performance without a hitch


Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai was among the performers at the Rye Music Festival held in Beijing on May 25.

Her performance, which started off with a bang, suddenly took a worrying turn when someone in the audience shone a laser pointer directly into her eyes. Videos of her attempting to avoid the green laser light and closing her eyes have gone viral online. Despite the unidentified person’s continued disturbance, the 38-year-old completed her performances without a hitch.

After the show, outrage at the unnamed person’s actions, along with concern for Jolin’s eyes, flooded multiple social media platforms, with many pointing out that laser pointers are known to have caused serious problems for performers. Some also questioned why the organisers were unable to identify and remove the person from the audience, causing Jolin continued distress during her time on stage.

Jolin’s work studio has since uploaded a statement stating that the singer’s health is unaffected, and that she is doing well despite what happened.

The singer also updated her Instagram four times after the show, with one post in particular drawing fans’ attention. The snap shows Jolin facing the audience holding up white lights at the Rye Music Festival. She wrote, “The sea of lights. It was so beautiful that I almost cried”.

Fans have left encouraging comments for her, and some have suggested that she get her eyes checked when she gets home just to make sure that there has been no damage done.

Photos: PBE Media

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