Japanese pop diva Namie Amuro threw Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai a surprise birthday celebration two days ago when they were in Okinawa. The two singers took the stage together at the Namie’s goodbye concert in her hometown as part of her final concert tour which Jolin was a special guest at.

The two singers first worked together in 2014, releasing a track called ‘I’m Not Yours’, and when Namie visited Taiwan, one of the stops in her final tour, in May this year, Jolin had baked a special fondant cake for her idol to commemorate her visit.

But the two divas’ reunion and the surprise celebration was not the only event that left netizens buzzing over Jolin’s birthday weekend (she turned 38 on Saturday, Sep 15).

In the sea of birthday greetings and well-wishes left by showbiz friends and fans on her social media account, fans noticed that Jolin’s ex-boyfriend Vivian Dawson had left a similar message for the birthday girl too.

The New Zealander actor-model left a simple “happy birthday!!!” message accompanied by three smiley faces on Jolin’s account.

Fans of the former couple were touched to see them acting cordially with each other and some even thanked Vivian for giving their princess his blessings.

Although they broke up two years ago after dating on-and-off for six years, Vivian and Jolin parted ways on an amicable note and are still each other’s “friends” on Instagram, occasionally liking each other’s posts.

The reason behind their separation was never made public but it was reported that differing values and opinion towards marriage was what led to their breakup.

Photos: PBE Media, Instagram/Jolin Tsai

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