Looks like Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai couldn't wait to turn 40. She had a small and low-key celebration, organised by her pal, singer Valen Hsu, a day before her actual birthday on September 15. 

Her guests included Singaporean singer Tanya Chua, who is based in Taiwan, and Sodagreen frontman Wu Tsing-fong. 

Fans gushed about how youthful Tanya and Valen, who are both 45, and Jolin looked, referring to them as "goddesses who are frozen in age" (P/S: that means they don't age).

“How can they be in their 40s? More like 14!” a fan commented.

One person who didn't think she deserved all that praise was Tanya, who wrote this self-deprecating comment on Jolin's post: “In this group of fine and tender young guys and girls, I look like an auntie standing at the back."Firstly, no, you don't Tanya and stop being so hard on yourself.


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