Joker Xue refutes ex's cheating allegations

The singer had been accused of cheating with a number of celebrities, including a married actress

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Earlier this week, Chinese singer Joker Xue’s ex-girlfriend, Chinese model Li Yutong took to her Weibo to accuse the singer of having an affair with his Boy Hood co-star, Chinese actress Li Xiao Lu.

The allegations spelled trouble for Xiao Lu, who had been accused by a tabloid of cheating on her husband, Chinese singer-actor Jia Nai Liang with Chinese rapper PG One earlier this year. When the reports first broke out, Xiao Lu denied the reports, stating that PG One was just a good friend. Nai Liang also showed his support for his wife, denouncing the tabloid on his Weibo. 

However, pictures of the actress with PG One in the rapper’s bedroom were later released by the tabloid in response. Following the release, both Xiao Lu and Nai Liang withdrew from the public’s eye, choosing to focus on their family, as well as their daughter, 6-year-old Jelena Jia.

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Pictured: Li Xiao Lu and Jia Nai Liang

After Yutong’s rant on Weibo, Nai Liang took to his own Weibo account to post a statement that seemed to address the allegations. 

“I've been living very well on my own, and (I) don’t wish to get drawn in into these miscellaneous matters, I’ve been tolerating this for a while, please do not involve me into these matters,” he wrote, seemingly hinting that he has separated from Xiao Lu.

Joker also addressed the matter on his Weibo, condemning Yutong for spreading such malicious rumours. He shared that he has always kept quiet in the past, out of respect for Yutong, as they were once in a relationship with each other. However, Joker shared that he feels that he has given Yutong enough chances, considering that he has tolerated her ways for 14 months.

Following Joker’s post, his work studio also posted a statement on Weibo, to back up Joker’s statement. 

“The studio has entrusted a law firm to deal with the matter, and will prosecute this matter to the full extent of the law, to protect (Joker’s) legal rights,” they wrote.

Yutong has also expressed that she will take responsibility for her words, writing, “It’s true that by attacking the other party using their own methods, (I’ve) impacted other people, (and) I offer my apologies. As for the grudge held between the both of us, let’s meet in court!”.

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