Johnny Depp Spends Over $42,000 A Month On Wine

No cheap rum for Captain Jack Sparrow, aye aye sir.

Just how extravagant is Johnny Depp? It took a lawsuit to reveal the ostentatious lifestyle that Johnny, 53, has been leading. According to reports, the court case came about when Depp sued his former business partners, LA-based management consultancy The Management Group, for “gross misconduct” that had caused him to lose tens of millions of dollars. The company responded by counter suing Depp for US$40mil (S$56.5mil), for alleged breach of contract and promissory fraud. Court documents revealed the actor’s “profligate spending”, which included:

  • A monthly US$30,000 ($42,400) wine tab.
  • A portfolio of 14 properties worth US$75mil ($10.6mil). 
  • A US$18mil ($25.4mil) yacht. 
  • Splashing US$3mil ($4.2mil) to launch a special cannon containing the late American author and journo Hunter S Thompson’s ashes over Aspen, Colorado.

The company also reportedly accused Depp for being “responsible for his own financial waste”, and demanded that he pay a US$5mil loan that they said was never fully repaid. Suing the company, its reps claimed, was Depp’s way of delaying his repayment. And let’s not forget Depp owes a hefty US$7 million settlement sum to ex-wife Amber Heard after their bitter divorce last year. So will we see Johnny Depp working in more movies than usual this year? After all, 2017 is not turning out to be a huat year for him.

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