Joey Yung attended a radio station's event in Hong Kong on April 3, where she also unveiled a logo that she specially designed for her upcoming 20th anniversary concert tour.

The singer admitted that she had considered holding 20 shows in conjunction with her 20th showbiz anniversary, but it would be too physically demanding. "There is too much dancing involved," she explained. "I don't want to tire myself out and give the audience a lacklustre performance. I prefer quality over quantity."

Joey's younger brother recently announced on social media that he was getting married. "I'm so happy for him!" she gushed. "I'm waiting for him to have children so I can become an aunt."

When asked how she feels about her younger brother getting married before her, she laughed and said, "He should have gotten married a long time ago - this is considered late!" She then shared that she will be heavily involved in the planning of her brother's wedding, and that she has already found a good venue for them.

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