Joe Chen’s clear skin is the envy of netizens

The 40-year-old actress’s bare face was revealed on a variety show.


Taiwanese actress Joe Chen’s recent appearance on the third season of Chinese variety show Back to Field has caught the eye of netizens.

In the programme, the celebrity participants are whisked off to live in a house in the countryside together. Once they are there, they will get a first-hand experience of life as a farmer, catching fish and harvesting carrots, amongst other tasks.

Season three of the show features Joe, Hong Kong singer Joey Yung, Chinese singer-actor Kris Wu, Chinese actress Wang Likun, Chinese singer Victoria Song, and more.


In a recent episode of Back to Field, Joe was shown bare-faced as she went about with her day. A number of sharp-tongued netizens took the opportunity to criticise the 40-year-old for having “dull skin, with crow’s eyes and laugh lines that show up when she smiles”, attaching photos of her appearance on the show.

However, a majority of the comments came from fans and other netizens praising Joe’s clear and blemish-free skin. Many remarked that the actress definitely knows how to pamper her skin, adding that she looks younger than 40.

“It’d be good if I could look like Joe when I’m 40,” one wrote, while another urged the actress to share the secret to her clear skin.


Photos : PBE Media

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