Joe Chen has found her Mr. Right after participating in a dating show

Fan are less than happy with her new beau, though.


Looks like Taiwanese actress Joe Chen finally found her Mr. Right.

Earlier this year, the 40-year-old took part in the second season of reality show Meeting Mr. Right, which pairs up female celebrities with an eligible male partner. In a video filmed before the premiere of the show, Joe had confessed that she has been single for six years, and that she’s looking forward to the show. 

Joe was eventually paired with a Malaysian businessman named Alan, who’s said to come from a wealthy family. During the last episode which aired November 28, Alan confessed his love to Joe, planting a kiss on her forehead. Joe, who was moved to tears, agreed to start dating him.


In an interview after Alan's big confession, Joe, who was still teary, declared, “Love has not forsaken me (after all), there’s still someone who’s willing to be so brave for me”. Alan, who admitted that his relationship with Joe will cast him in the spotlight, added, “I've never done something like this before, but I’m willing to overcome this.”

Viewers of the show had mixed reactions to the finale. While some wholeheartedly congratulated Joe and Alan on finding love, others shared that they had their doubts about the couple’s happy ending.

On Monday (Dec 2), Joe took to her Weibo to share a picture of her with Alan, seemingly to confirm that they are dating.

“I did not (join the show) just because of the appearance fees,” she wrote, adding that she had done so to find love. “No script, no lines (from the producers). Thank you happiness. Love has not forsaken me. Love will never forsake anyone who believes in it,” she declared.


Similarly, Alan also put up a Weibo post declaring, "In the world of billions of people, we were meant to find each other. Love never leave us or anybody. A life of few decades is too short for anything, so just be brave to love! The happy moments seen by all, can only be truly felt by two. Thank you Mango TV, viewers and the family of dolphins for the blessings. Thank you Joe. (sic)”

However, fans of Joe are now claiming that Alan is not suitable for the actress. They accused him of running a multi-level marketing company, and putting on an act in front of the cameras. Sharing screenshots of Alan’s Instagram account, they called him out for “being promiscuous, and engaging in conversation with multiple scantily-clad models”.

Alan has since made a statement to refute these claims, sharing that it was a misunderstanding.

“These people are all my friends, and are gainfully employed,” he wrote. Joe later shared his post, adding, “Alan, your Instagram is famous now. I’m sorry to all the innocent people who were implicated, I hope (my fans) will not disturb other people (from now on)”.


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