Taiwanese singer-actress Joanne Tseng held a fan meeting and autograph session to promote her new book A Book Written in Denmark, in Solitude in Taipei on January 27.

She said that writing the book gave her the chance to experience something new that she had not been able to do so after being in showbiz for 16 years. She also admitted that if she were to leave the entertainment industry, she would do so quietly without making a big announcement.

When asked if she would do the same when it comes to marriage, Joanne said, "I'm a very traditional person. I don't know how I would be able to get married without letting everybody know."

Although Joanne has been busy promoting her new book, she said that she does not feel tired at all. In fact, she feels very energetic. "I believe in grabbing every opportunity that comes my way," she explained. "For example, I am turning down every job offer over the Lunar New Year period, no matter how high the remuneration is, because I want to take the chance to spend time with my family. But please don't tell me how much I could have made!"

Joanne then shared that in her family, those who are unmarried do not need to give red packets (in Taiwan, it is customary to start giving red packets after one has started earning their own money, instead of after they have gotten married). "I'm a singer, actress, and now an author; I don't think marriage is on the cards for me anytime soon."

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