Taiwanese actress Joanne Tseng recently attended the opening ceremony of a beauty brand’s store in Taipei, where she complained about not receiving red packets during Chinese New Year despite being unmarried.

“Even my older sister still gets them!” she exclaimed. “Perhaps it’s because I entered the workforce and started earning my own money very early, but I just want to get one red packet and feel like a child again.”

When asked if she usually gets nagged at by her elders about settling down during festive gatherings, the 31-year-old laughed and said the pressure isn’t too bad, and that she usually thinks of appropriate ways to respond to them ahead of time.

“There’s no need to get into an argument about this,” she said. “Just nicely say that you are actively making plans and meeting people, or that you’re too busy but will make plans to meet people. That should do it.”

In other news, Joanne will once again be seen with All is Well co-star Liu Kuan Ting in their upcoming New Year film, Sent From Above. According to the actress, her character has a habit of swearing a lot, which seeped into her real-life conversations as well. “Whenever I’m chatting with my friends or family, I would suddenly utter a vulgarity and give them a shock!” she chuckled.

Hopefully, she manages to hold back on this newfound crudeness when dealing with relatives inquiring about her relationship status.

Photos: TPG