Joanne Tseng and Pets Tseng attended a media session to promote Taiwanese-Singapore co-production All is Well yesterday (Sep 11), where they shared more about their filming experiences.

The Taiwanese actresses also took the opportunity to good-naturedly tease their co-star, Taiwanese actor Blue Lan. “He is really quite strange,” Joanne laughed. “When you have a conversation with him, he will only focus on the things he wants to talk about, and won’t be swayed by other topics. Then, when he is no longer interested, he will simply walk away!”

Pets admitted that she was initially intimidated by Blue at first, but after a while, she discovered that he is actually very mischievous. “One day, while I was waiting for the train, someone sneaked up behind me and screamed! I got such a fright! Then, when I turned around, I saw Blue laughing his head off.”

Joanne recalled a similar experience. “I also used to think he was a cold person, but there was once, he pretended to be a stalker and followed me around before suddenly whispering in my ear, ‘Is that Joanne Tseng?’ I was so scared I didn’t dare to turn around! It was only much later when I discovered it was just Blue.”

“I think he is under a lot of stress,” Pets said with a chuckle.

The Singapore storyline of All Is Well airs weeknights at 9pm on Channel 8, followed immediately by the Taiwan storyline on Channel U at 10pm the same night. The series is also be available on Toggle.

Photos: TPG