Taiwanese actress Joanne Tseng held a press conference to promote her new book Go to Denmark Alone, Write a Book (rough translation) in Taipei on January 3.

Explaining the story behind her creative endeavour, she admitted that she quickly fell into depression due to her sudden rise to fame. Then, one day, she heard a voice in her ear telling her to go to Denmark alone and write a book. "This is not a ghost story!" she laughed. "But after hearing that, I thought about it and finally decided to embark on my first solo trip overseas." 

Joanne immediately became more tight-lipped when asked about her rumoured romance with Calvin Chen. All she would say is that he has always been a good friend of hers, and that unless there are concrete plans to get married, she would prefer not to go public with any of her relationships.

Singer Emma Wu showed up as a special guest at the event. She confessed that she rarely reads books, but quickly finished Joanne's new book the day before. She also joked that Joanne is very brave to invite another female celebrity to her event. "I personally would never dare to do that because I'm worried that the media would compare our beauty, and that the other party might dress sexier than me!"

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