Joanne Peh gets into car accident

The local actress was on her way to the set of her new drama when she was caught in a four-vehicle collision

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Local actress Joanne Peh has been in a car accident.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two was on her way to the set of her new drama, Channel 8’s Heart to Heart, this morning (Sep 26) when she found herself in a four-car collision, with her vehicle caught in the middle.

Joanne was promptly rushed to National University Hospital (NUH) in an ambulance. Her manager, parents and brother immediately went down to check on her, and her husband Qi Yuwu, who is currently filming in China, is being constantly updated on the situation.

This afternoon, Toggle received an update from Joanne’s manager from The Celebrity Agency, who said that aside from muscle strains, she is fine and has been discharged following a full-body check-up, with doctor’s orders to rest for two days. As such, filming for today and tomorrow has been cancelled.

In a short statement shared through her manager, Joanne said, “Thank you everyone for your concern. Fortunately, it was the car that suffered the worst damage. The airbag wasn’t even deployed, so aside from minor pain in my neck and waist, there are no severe injuries.”

A police report has been filed and investigations are currently ongoing.

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Joanne with her husband Qi Yuwu and their two children, "Baby Qi" and "Qi Didi"

Joanne is in the midst of shooting for her new drama Heart to Heart, in which she plays Liang Na La, a masseuse who teams up with Yue Wen Guang (Elvin Ng) to restore an old Chinatown teahouse to its former glory. A few cast members have undergone various dim sum and pastry-making classes to prepare for their roles, and Joanne was originally set to take on egg tart-making lessons tomorrow (Sep 27), which have also been cancelled.

This is not the first time a Heart to Heart cast member was recently involved in an accident. Last month, Zhang Yao Dong had to undergo surgery after tearing his Achilles tendon in a badminton game.

Heart to Heart premieres on December 24, 9pm on Channel 8.

Photos: Instagram/Joanne Peh


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