JJ Lin issues statement condemning actions of hospital staff who allegedly auctioned his used IV drip bag

The hospital has shared that the staff involved will face disciplinary action.


The actions of the staff at a hospital in Zhejiang, China have invited much criticism, after homegrown singer JJ Lin was warded there temporarily after his concert last Saturday (Oct 26).

According to screenshots of a group chat involving the nurses on duty during JJ’s hospitalisation which were posted online the next day (Oct 27), a nurse shared that JJ was currently in the hospital, encouraging those who weren’t in the loop to “go get your autographs if you want to”.

Later, another screenshot of a post by someone who claimed to have “attended to JJ while he was in the hospital” was made public. The post contained a picture of an IV drip bag with the Chinese character for “Lin” written on it, with the poster offering to sell the bag, which they claimed was used by JJ. A while later, another post shared that the bag had since been taken away by a fan.

On the same day, a video showing a number of nurses taking turns to lie in the bed that JJ had allegedly used during his visit to the hospital was posted online as well. 

After widespread condemnation by netizens, the hospital uploaded an official statement in the wee hours of the morning yesterday (Oct 28). In the statement, the hospital shared that the picture of the IV drip bag had been posted privately by a staff member who was a fan of JJ. However, the picture was then saved by another user, who then claimed that they were selling off JJ’s used IV drip bag. The hospital then shared that they had conducted an internal investigation and ascertained that JJ’s actual IV drip bag was accounted for, and was not actually “taken away by a fan”.

They also shared that 11 staff members who were involved in the fiasco will be suspended for a minimum of six months.

JJ’s management agency, JFJ Productions, also posted a separate statement online yesterday morning, sharing that the singer had visited the hospital in Zhejiang on Sunday morning (Oct 27) after feeling unwell. They added that the 38-year-old was discharged that very same day, and is currently recovering and receiving further treatment at home.

They then addressed the controversy regarding the behaviour of the hospital staff, writing, “Our company expresses their deepest regret regarding the behaviour of certain workers who ignored their code of ethics and leaked information after our artiste left the hospital. We believe that the hospital will handle this issue appropriately. We apologise for the inconvenience we have brought to the public, the healthcare profession, the medical staff, as well as the hospital and other patients.”

The company also emphasised that the actions of a few black sheep should not negatively affect the public’s perception of the healthcare profession as a whole, reminding them to refrain from posting “overly aggressive words”.

Finally, they thanked the media and fans for their love and support, ending their post by reminding the fans who will be attending JJ’s upcoming concerts to dress warmly as the temperature continues to drop.

In other related news, limited category 5 tickets priced at S$148 (excluding booking fees) for JJ’s upcoming Singapore concerts on December 21 and 22 will be released at 10am on October 31 here.

Photos: PBE Media

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