JJ Lin becomes a xiao mei mei-killer on Weibo

His reply to a teenage fan’s post caused her – and others – to go into a meltdown

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Good music knows no boundaries, be it language, time and age. Singaporean singer-composer JJ Lin is a testament to that, with fans that span all ages.

A teenage fan on Weibo wrote about her troubles of being a young fan, and unexpectedly received a response from JJ, causing her – and thousands of other fans – to go into a meltdown.

“As someone born in the 2000s I feel really troubled. Why was I born so late?” she wrote. “It would have been great if I was born earlier. I started liking (JJ) in 2008, and watched his concert when I entered university. I feel so powerless. I want to see him but I’m unable to attend his meet-the-fan sessions. Even if I were to cut down on my spending, I can only watch his concert four times a year… I hope that I can start working (and earn my own money) soon. (JJ), wait for me!”

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She tagged this to JJ’s discussion topic, which receives thousands of tagged posts every day. Unexpectedly, he commented on her post after over four hours.

“Don’t worry. I’ll sing for a few more years. That way, you’ll be able to watch more (of my) concerts,” he wrote. The fan replied to his comment in two minutes, sharing that she was so touched that she was about to cry.

Her original post has been shared more than 25,000 times and has amassed over 12,000 comments and 217,000 likes. JJ’s comment alone has received over 118,000 likes, with thousands of fans expressing their disbelief that he would trudge through Weibo to see and comment on a fan’s post.

The majority of the comments were those who are similar in age, with one fan writing, “I’m born in 2001! I’m taking the college entrance exam next year.” Another said, “I’m born in 2000 too! I’ll grow up soon, so please wait for me!”

Older fans also added hilarious anecdotes, with one writing, “I stole my daughter’s kindergarten fees to see you…” while another quipped, “Us older fans don’t have it easy too!”

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