Hong Kong singers Jinny Ng, Hana Kuk, Pakho Chau, and Hubert Wu attended a recording session for a TVB New Year special programme in Hong Kong on January 15.

It was rumoured that Jinny and Hana were not on good terms after the latter won a popularity award. However, Jinny clarified, "Hana and I have been good friends even before we entered showbiz. She has always dreamed of becoming a successful singer and I'm really happy for her."

She then said that she is busy focusing on her own goals to become a better actress and to make lot of money, which is why she is not envious of Hana's achievements.

When asked why she did not take any photos with Hana on that day, Jinny laughingly pointed out that despite sitting next to her, Pakho did not take any photos with her either. "I'm unhappy with him too!" she joked, before pretending to cry on Hana's shoulder.

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