Jing Tian praised for how she handled her first post-breakup interview

The Chinese actress broke up with Chinese table tennis player Zhang Jike earlier this week


Earlier this week, Chinese actress Jing Tian announced that she had split from her boyfriend of a year, Chinese table tennis player Zhang Jike through a post on her personal Weibo account. “Grateful to have met you. I hope for everything to go well (for you) in the future,” she wrote.  The post was met with much surprise from the actress’s fans, as the couple had showed no signs that their relationship was on the rocks.

The next day, Jing Tian made an appearance at promotional event, where she was then asked about the post, as well as her relationship status. The 30-year-old appeared to be taken aback by the question but mused, “In life, one will meet with both good times and adversity. (We should) face such life experiences with a gratitude.

Jing Tian then went on to share that she has always felt that there will inevitably be ups and downs in life. “There are some things that we’re just unable to decide (for ourselves),” she said, adding that no matter what happens, she believes that “every day is worth being grateful for”.

Her gracious and poised answer earned her the admiration of netizens, who praised the actress for handling her breakup well, and giving such a eloquent answer.

The host also asked the actress for her ideal type, to which she paused for a moment, before answering that everyone has a different definition when it comes to the “ideal relationship”. But, she added that she hopes to find “a better, more complete version of myself”.

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