Taiwanese singer-actor Jimmy Lin loves driving fast cars and has a deep interest in racing; he has competed frequently in a number of racing competitions, establishing his proficiency as a race car driver.

Recently, he headed out to Tianjin, China, for a racing competition (the FRD LMP3 China Endurance Series) together with his race team, where they eventually clinched the grand prize.

In a post on Weibo, Jimmy shared his thoughts after the win, writing, “This is more meaningful that any award I’ve gotten in the entertainment industry, because this is my dream.”

He looked back on his years of racing, recounting, “It has led to me falling down, getting injured, and I’ve experienced setbacks and lulls. But, it has also given me an incomparable sense of achievement and glory. A dream does not have limits, it is something that we must constantly work towards, to break the limits.”

Jimmy’s wife, model Kelly Chen, also headed down to Tianjin to cheer Jimmy on, posting a number of pictures with him. “I’ve seen how everyone has worked ceaselessly for their dreams over the past 10 years, looking at them up on the podium, I was so touched that I nearly cried,” she wrote in her caption.

Jimmy’s good friend, Canadian-born actress Christy Chung and her Chinese actor husband, Golden Zhang also attended the competition to show their support for Jimmy. 

Posting a picture together with Jimmy and Kelly, Christy wrote, “This is my first time experiencing Tianjin’s racing competition. Congratulations to the two cars from Jimmy’s team who emerged as champions, (I’m) very happy! In the future, let me drive as well!”.

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Photos: PBE Media

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