Taiwanese singer-actor Jimmy Lin’s eldest son, Kimi Lin’s popularity hit its peak during their stint on the first season of the popular reality show, Where Are We Going, Dad?. After the season concluded, however, Jimmy announced that he will not be allowing Kimi to appear on any other television shows, in the hopes that Kimi might be able to have a normal childhood.

Since then, Jimmy has stayed true to his words, rarely uploading pictures of Kimi, even as he and his wife, Taiwanese model Kelly Chen, share updates of their younger sons, 3-year-old twins Jenson and Kyson Lin.

However, with Kimi turning 10 this year, Jimmy seems to have decided to make an exception, posting pictures of the birthday boy at his party earlier last week. The party, which was Marvel-themed, featured decorations and cut-outs of the various superheroes, from Iron Man to Spiderman. Kimi and his friends were also treated to a Nerf gun battle at the party.

According to Jimmy, Kimi also made three wishes on that day. The first was for everyone around him to be healthy, and the second was for him to stop getting shot in the eyes during gun battles. Although Kimi did not share his third wish with Jimmy, the singer-actor guessed that Kimi had wished for a pet of his own, as the 10-year-old had a multitude of stuffed animals by his bedside and has professed his love for animals a number of times. 

Apart from posting pictures of the party and the birthday boy himself, Jimmy also penned down a dedication to Kimi, writing, “Turning 10 is something that (you must’ve) looked forward to and anticipated excitedly. This is also the first milestone in your life. No matter what you’ll do in the future, all we wish for is for you to grow up healthily and happily, and to always remain positive. Daddy and mummy will always be by your side, supporting and encouraging you. Lastly, happy 10th birthday!” 

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Photos: PBE Media

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