Jimmy Lin posts rare photo of son Kimi

The actor has kept his eldest son out of the public eye after leaving reality show Where Are We Going, Dad?

jimmy lin

Taiwanese actor-singer Jimmy Lin and his eldest son, 8-year-old Kimi, previously appeared on the first season of the Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad?  in which the pair instantly became fan favourites. However, Jimmy has been very protective of his son and kept him out of the limelight ever since they left the show, as he wants him to lead a normal life.

Therefore, many fans were pleased when Jimmy posted a rare photo of Kimi on Facebook last night.  The photo showed Kimi sleeping soundly on his side as he laid down beside Jimmy and held his hand.

Jimmy wrote that he would always tuck Kimi in every night, and that the pair had a daily routine of providing each other updates about their day before sleeping. They would share little tidbits such as what they ate for lunch or what was the happiest thing that had happened to them on that particular day.

He also showed off his adorable interactions with Kimi, revealing that he would ask if the 8-year-old had any crushes in school. Kimi would then shyly reply no but when asked if any girls liked him, he would cheekily say “I have heard of it, but it is a secret.”

“Children do not only require companionship and care. As parents, we also have to communicate and connect with them as well so that we understand what they are really thinking,” the actor shared.

Jimmy and Taiwanese model Kelly Chen tied the knot in 2013, three years after Kimi was born. The couple subsequently welcomed fraternal twins, Jenson and Kyson, in 2015.

Photo: PBE Media

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