A recent selfie of Taiwanese actor-singer Jimmy Lin’s wife, Kelly Chen led to speculation that the couple are expecting their fourth child.

Kelly had posted a number of selfies that she had taken in the car, with one featuring her eldest son, Kimi’s hand clamping down on her head playfully, as well as a full body mirror selfie.

In the selfie, Kelly was dressed casually in a loose dress, which some guessed was to hide a baby bump. Fans then proceeded to leave comments on the post asking her if she has a bun in the oven.

Though Kelly did not reply directly to the comments, she soon posted a picture of herself pre-workout, dressed in a sports bra and leggings, showing that she does not have a baby bump.

Jimmy also took to his Weibo to lay the rumours to rest, assuring everyone that the couple would make sure to share whatever good news they had with everyone.

Additionally, as Monday (July 30) was their fifth wedding anniversary, Jimmy posted a number of pictures from their beachside wedding to commemorate the special occasion.

Kelly also posted a number of pictures with the couple’s celebrity friends, Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou and his wife, Hannah Quinlivan yesterday. She added that Kimi has taken a liking to magic these days, and that Jay had shown Kimi some magic tricks, uploading a picture of “the four guys” discussing magic tricks, as well as a quick selfie with Hannah.

Jimmy and Kelly went public with their relationship in 2009, sharing that they had gotten engaged in 2008. The couple held their wedding ceremony in 2013, three years after their first child, Kimi, was born. The couple subsequently welcomed fraternal twins, Jenson and Kyson, in 2015. Jimmy has also expressed his desire to hold another wedding ceremony for the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary.

Photos: PBE Media​​​​​​​

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