Jimmy Lin recounts Indonesia earthquake experience

Jimmy Lin recounts earthquake experience
 as he is currently vacationing with his family in Indonesia

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Lombok, an island in Indonesia, experienced a 6.9 magnitude earthquake last night, with over 90 casualties at press time. 

Though the earthquake was centred on the island of Lombok, due to it’s proximity to the tourist hotspot, Bali, numerous holiday-goers reported feeling strong tremors as well.

Taiwanese singer-actor Jimmy Lin, who is currently on holiday in Indonesia, along with his family of five, was one of the many people who had felt the tremors.

The 43-year-old took to his Weibo account to report his safety, recounting his experience. According to Jimmy, they were all resting indoors when the earthquake hit. Quickly gathering everyone up, the family of five rushed outside, as they were worried that the building might collapse.

“I even ran out to the ocean, to check if the waters were receding, [as I was worried] that there’ll be a tsunami,” Jimmy shared, before ending his post with a heartfelt wish for everyone to be safe and sound.

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