In Taiwan, Mid-Autumn Festival is usually celebrated with a BBQ (barbecue) party followed by a viewing session of the moon while nibbling on mooncakes and sipping cups of Chinese tea.

On Sunday (Sep 23), singer-actor Jimmy Lin held an advanced party and invited Christy Chung and her daughters to his house for an intimate get-together. Netizens were given a glimpse of his sprawling abode thanks to pictures uploaded by Christy and Jimmy on social media.

Apart from playing rounds of monopoly, the kids took a dip in his large swimming pool at night too. Jimmy’s eldest son Kimi, 9, whose face was not captured, even had a go at roasting his own stick of marshmallows at the BBQ pit, according to pictures shared online.

Jimmy’s wife, Christy’s eldest daughter Yasmine and her husband Golden Zhang were also present at the party.

According to Hong Kong media, Jimmy and Christy go way back. The two actors became fast friends after working together on 2003 drama series, The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.

Photos: PBE Media

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