Jimmy Lin blasted by netizen for delaying flight

The singer-actor is said to have requested to retrieve a checked-in luggage when the flight was ready to depart

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Jimmy Lin makes frequent trips overseas for work-related matters, and has been spotted multiple times shuttling between Taiwan and neighbouring cities such as Hong Kong.

However, it seems that he might have stepped on some travellers’ toes during his recent trip to Hong Kong, as a netizen claiming to have been on the same flight as the actor-singer shared that he caused the flight that he was on to be delayed for half an hour.

In her rant, the woman, who is only known to the media as Ms. Chen, shared that Jimmy, along with three other companions, were traveling in business class. Just as flight attendants were preparing the cabin for takeoff and closing the cabin doors, Jimmy suddenly requested that one of his checked-in luggage be retrieved.

“All the passengers were seated but he suddenly asked for his luggage. Even though his attitude (towards the crew) was okay, but his actions caused the entire flight to be delayed,” Ms. Chen wrote.

As the crew required someone from his party to be present to verify that the luggage that they were retrieving was the right one, one of the members of Jimmy’s traveling party disembarked and followed as instructed. Ms. Chen went on to claim that the flight was delayed for “half an hour” due to this entire episode.

The netizen went on to say that Jimmy’s selfish act was inexcusable, especially since he is a public figure whose every action is under the scrutiny of the public. At press time, Jimmy Lin has yet to respond to the accusations.

Ms. Chen claimed that she was on a flight scheduled to depart from Hong Kong at 10.55pm on November 29. A quick check online showed that the only flight that fits that description is Cathay Pacific’s flight CX408. However, according to flight tracking websites, the plane departed Hong Kong airport at 10.58pm on that night, which was similar to its scheduled departure time.

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