Director Park Hee Kon and main cast members Ji Sung, Cho Seung Woo, Baek Yoon Sik, Kim Sung Kyun, Moon Chae Won, Yoo Jae Myung, Lee Won Geun and more attended a press conference to promote their new film Myung Dang in Korea on August 13.

Ji Sung shared that he found shooting a film totally different from shooting a TV series. "I couldn't sleep well after I got the script. I could not stop thinking about how to play the role well," he said.

Seung Woo, who plays a feng shui master, said, "The director gave me some books about feng shui and I tried to read them, but they were too hard to understand. However, I tried my best to understand my character as much as possible and play him well. I learned a lot from Ji Sung and others in the cast.".

Chae Won is no stranger to the period genre, having starred in Painter of the Wind and The Princess' Man. She said, "I like traditional costumes very much. I felt relaxed and comfortable acting in a hanbok."

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