Jet Li leaves S$350 million fortune to his wife

Jet Li says it’s meant to give his wife Nina Li a sense of security

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The internet rumour mill has plenty to say about Jet Li’s health condition especially after it was made known that he has been suffering from hyperthyroidism in July 2015.

Recent reports alleged that he had a heart attack and was wheelchair-bound, but the martial arts superstar personally rubbished these rumours when he guested on Chinese TV talk show, A Date With Luyu. “I’m not a brand ambassador for wheelchairs so why are they always saying I’m in a wheelchair?

“When I clarify [these speculations] the online world doesn’t care. The internet only wants to see negative reports,” he concluded.

Commenting on the conflicting media reports about his poor state of health, with some saying he lost a drastic amount of weight - although his appearance on the talkshow says otherwise, Jet shared that a good friend once told him to step out and refute these negative reports.

“There’s nothing to prove, I’ve tried and it doesn’t prove anything, so I stopped doing it. Why does it matter? Just read [these reports] and have a laugh,” he quipped.

Jet also opened up about his 19-year marriage with former Hong Kong actress Nina Li Chi, whom he has two daughters Jane and Jetta with. The actor revealed that his wife, who was highly regarded as one of the top beauties in showbiz back in the day, willingly left the industry for him.

Nina turned her focus towards their family and put her heart into caring for him and raising their two daughters, Jet added, which explains why he chose to leave her his HK$2 billion (approximately S$350 million) fortune.

The 55-year-old added that his wife doesn’t have much friends and he wanted to give her a sense of security by having full autonomy over his purse strings because of how much she has given to the family.

With no control over his finances, Jet even joked about having to borrow money from his assistant as he has no idea where the money is being kept.

“When I’m out and want to buy a gemstone, I have to call my assistant ask if he has money,” he chuckled.

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