Jesseca Liu Says She'll Manage The Household Finances After Marrying Jeremy Chan

The bride-to-be also says she was “very emotional” when Jeremy proposed.

Butterflies are fluttering in Jesseca Liu’s stomach. At the lensing ceremony of her upcoming Ch 8 drama Mind Matters, the 38-year-old actress tells us that she’s feeling “nervous” and “worried”. But, no, it’s got nothing to do with her impending walk down the aisle with her beau of three years, Jeremy Chan, 36. Instead, the reason behind her bundle of nerves is the teenage boy (aka newcomer Ivan Lo Kai Jun) who plays her son in the show. And also fellow co-actor Qi Yuwu. We find out why. 

8 DAYS: Congrats, Jesseca! You'll be tying the knot this year with Jeremy Chan so how is the wedding prep coming along?
We’re still in the midst of preparations. I don’t think too much about it. I just let nature take its course. Being a relaxed bride is better than… I hope I can enjoy the process. So I won’t force myself to do anything [special].

Is the wedding date set yet?
Yes. But we’ll only announce it on the day of the wedding itself (laughs).

How do you feel about getting married?
At the moment, I don't feel anything special! (Laughs) I’m more nervous about the lensing ceremony today. It’s been a year since my last TV drama [in 2016’s Hero]. It’s my first time playing [a single mum] and having such a grown-up onscreen son. Today’s my first time meeting him. So I’m rather nervous. I’m worried if I’m able to get along with a teenager ’cos the children I’ve interacted with in my hometown are all quite young.

You play a tailor who’s obsessed with cleanliness. What’s the most OCD thing that you do?
I’m not obsessed with cleanliness but my friends have told me that I’m slightly OCD when it comes to the arrangement of my stuff at home. I’m very particular about what goes where. Each time after my helper comes over to pack up my house, I’d make sure to put back all my stuff in their original position.

jesseca liu   qi yuwu
Jesseca and Yuwu at the lensing ceremony of Mind Matters

It’s your first time acting with Qi Yuwu in 13 years. Your last collab with him was in 2004’s swimming-themed drama The Champion.
I’m actually a bit worried ’cos we haven’t even started chatting with each other (laughs). Plus, it’s been 13 years, so I don’t know how he’s changed (laughs). But I know he’s a very good actor. So I’m very confident in his acting skills. I’m only worried about my part.

Back to your upcoming nuptials. You mentioned previously that Jeremy had proposed to you two years ago, shortly after you guys started dating. What made you say yes?
We started dating with marriage in mind. So since I’ve already agreed to be with him, we were headed towards that direction.

How did Jeremy propose?
I’ll leave it to another time to talk about this.

Did you cry?
(Pauses) I was very emotional lah (laughs).

Are you a bridezilla?
I’m not. I’m rather relaxed about [the wedding]. I don’t even feel like I’m getting married (laughs). My friends are more anxious about [the wedding] than me!

Jeremy said that when he proposed, he didn’t have an apartment nor a car, and his career was nowhere near yours. Was that a concern for you at all? After all, most girls want that sense of stability.
I’m not really bothered by those things lah. It’s okay as long as we’re both financially independent. He’s not in debt, neither am I, and we’re both financially secure, so why not? Of course, after getting married, when it comes to housekeeping expenses, it’s better to leave it to me to do it ’cos females should take care of a household’s finances.

Jeremy recently bought a house, which will be your future love nest with him. What kind of house is it?
It’s a four-room HDB flat.

What do you like most about Jeremy?
He’s very caring and humorous.

He always makes you laugh?

Was that how he won you over?
You can put it that way.

jesseca liu 2

You’ll be holding a beachside wedding in your hometown, Langkawi. Will you be holding a wedding reception in Singapore too? And if so, will you be inviting your celeb pals?
We haven’t decided on [a wedding here] yet. I’ll only be inviting relatives and a few close friends. It’ll be a very small-scale wedding.

After getting married, will you still continue working in showbiz?
Of course I will.

Jeremy said if you don’t want to work, he’ll financially support you.
He said if I don’t want to continue acting. But I still want to! (Laughs)

Mind Matters debuts Jan 1, 2018, on Ch 8, 9pm.



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