Hong Kong actress Jess Sum, who left Hong Kong broadcaster TVB late last year, has announced on Instagram that she is now married to her boyfriend of three years, Calvin.

The 34-year-old had shared that she was engaged to Calvin a day earlier. The announcement was accompanied by a series of pictures taken during their wedding photoshoot.

“I’ve never wished for a love that would touch the heavens nor move the earth. I only hope for a love that is steady and long-lasting, where we’ll realise that we’ve spent 10 years together in the blink of an eye. But, the sprout (of love) has never managed to take root. Thanks to the blessing of the Lord, fate brought us together once again four years ago, for us to understand the other better. Together, we learnt, and grew, and will be walking together towards the next stage of our lives, as companions who will be with, and rely on each other,” she wrote in her caption.

It was reported that Calvin had proposed to her in the middle of 2018. As the couple both love England and France, they decided to travel to these two countries late last year for their wedding pictures.

This afternoon, Jess posted once again on Instagram, thanking everyone for their well-wishes and blessings. She revealed that the couple has since tied the knot, and thanked everyone once again, posting a couple of pictures from their wedding.

“Marriage is the starting point for our marathon of love, I hope we can reach the finish line together, hand-in-hand, and be together till we’re old,” she wrote.

Photos: PBE Media, Jess Sum/Instagram

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