Jerry Yan's friends claim that the star is avoiding contact with people after Lin Chi-ling's wedding

He is also said to have become unusually short-tempered as of late


In June this year, Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling announced that she has found her Mr. Right in Japanese singer-actor and EXILE member Akira.

The news of Chi-ling’s marriage came as a surprise to many, as her relationship with Akira had not been revealed to the public prior to the wedding announcement.

Many had assumed that she would find her happily ever after with Taiwanese singer-actor Jerry Yan. The ex-couple’s on-again, off-again relationship has always been prime gossip fodder, and in 2017, it was reported that they had reconciled after they were spotted in Malaysia together.

After Chi-ling and Akira announced their marriage, the spotlight was turned on Jerry and his reaction to the news. While he was quick to congratulate Chi-ling when asked for his thoughts, he seemed to shy away from any further questions, especially after another ex-girlfriend of his, Taiwanese model Seanna Chang, claimed that Chi-ling is “still the love of Jerry’s life”.


Last Sunday (Nov 17), Chi-ling and Akira held a wedding celebration in Tainan. Unsurprisingly, the news reignited interest in how Jerry is doing lately, with Taiwanese reports quoting an insider claiming that Jerry is “acting weirdly” these days.

The reports went on to allege that according to Jerry’s friends, the 42-year-old has been avoiding contact with the outside world. Jerry is also said to have become unusually quick-tempered, flaring up at his assistant over small matters.

Yesterday (Nov 18), Taiwanese host Jacky Wu, who is one of Jerry's good friends, was asked about these reports at a press conference. However, Jacky would only give a cryptic answer in response, saying,“I can’t say anything regarding this or I might hurt someone's feelings.”


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