Jerry Yan’s ex-girlfriend claims Lin Chi-ling is still the love of his life

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Taiwanese actor-singer Jerry Yan’s love life has been a bit of a mystery after he and model Lin Chi-ling broke up in 2006. Although the former couple was rumoured on multiple occasions to be giving their relationship another try, it was not meant to be as Chi-ling announced on June 6 that she is now a married woman.

Soon after the news broke, Jerry’s name started trending on Weibo, with many wondering why he wasn’t the one marrying Chi-ling. This was fuelled further by his ex-girlfriend’s remarks that she has always known that Chi-ling is the love of his life.

Taiwanese model Seanna Chang was rumoured to be his girlfriend when they were spotted together by paparazzi in 2015, but he denied all reports, calling her a “very important friend”. In May, however, she stepped forward to reveal that they dated for two years.

Sharing that she was his pillar of support during his lowest points, she added that she often questioned why he wouldn’t go public with her. Calling Jerry a “good boyfriend”, she shared that he was not clingy and gave her the freedom to do what she wanted.

They spent more time apart than together, and came to a mutual decision to break up because she wanted to go public with their relationship, but he disagreed. They have, however, remained friends even after the breakup.

Seanna mused that she encouraged Jerry to be courageous in pursuing happiness for himself, and shared that it was obvious to her that Chi-ling was the greatest love of the former F4 member’s life.

Those hoping for a reconciliation between Chi-ling and Jerry were especially devastated by news of her marriage, especially since the pair was spotted together in Malaysia in November 2017, sparking hope that they would have the ‘reunion of the century’.

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