Is Jerry Yan seeing someone new?

The Taiwanese singer-actor casually dropped the bomb at a recent two-day fanmeet event held in Tokyo and Osaka when he thanked his “girlfriend” for accompanying him during a work photoshoot.

It all started when he invited fans pick their favourite shots of him from a photobook he shot in Tokyo, to express 10 years of gratitude. The pictures were taken from a “girlfriend’s perspective” to suit the ‘dating’ theme of his photobook and featured Jerry in a variety of poses.

In one picture, the 41-year-old can be seen lying in bed and in another he has his hand stretched out a la a boyfriend wanting to hold his girlfriend’s hand as he climbed the steps.

The photo of him in bed garnered the biggest response from fans and when he shared about his experience doing this photobook, Jerry said: “[The person I need to] give most thanks to is my girlfriend who accompanied me on set.”

He added that her presence helped him flesh out the “sweet” interactions between a couple and chased away his work fatigue during the two-day shoot.

When he was pressed to talk about his girlfriend, he broke out in a smile and refused to elaborate further.

After his first fanmeet in Japan a few days ago, Jerry was questioned by the media about his answers on stage. When asked if he was referring to his ex-girlfriend Lin Chi-ling, he refused to comment about it, and said through his manager that he does not wish to bring up his ex-girlfriend anymore.

Jerry and Chi-ling dated for six years before breaking up in 2008; there were rumours that they had reconciled when they were spotted together in Malaysia last year, a baseless speculation that was nipped in the bud by Chi-ling.

Photos: PBE Media

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