Jerry Yan denies reports of cohabitation with Jenson Tien

The duo were said to be in a relationship

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Taiwanese singer-actor Jerry Yan’s relationship with Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling has long been fodder for the press, with numerous reports on their on-again, off-again relationship. Though they were said to have reconciled last year, Chi-ling later denied these reports when asked about it at a event. 

Recently, a netizen posted a number of pictures taken outside Jerry’s apartment, claiming to have spotted Taiwanese actor Jenson Tien entering and exiting Jerry’s apartment for five days straight. According to the netizen, the duo took great care to ensure that they were not found out. Even when they ordered food to be delivered to the apartment, they split their order, ordering one portion at a time.

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According to an insider, Jenson was once said to be in a relationship with his good friend Taiwanese actor Derek Chen. When it came to Jerry, the insider reportedly described his sexuality as a “mystery”, hinting that he might be in a relationship with Jenson.

It is understood that Jenson primarily based in China, and became good friends with Jerry due to the television programme, Because of Love, which they both guest in. However, netizens were largely skeptical about the reports. “Is it wrong for two men to cohabit?”, one wrote, while another commented, “My roommate and I order takeout separately as well, is it wrong to have different tastes?”.

Later, Jerry’s management agency released a statement, clarifying that the unnamed male that Jerry was seen with on multiple occasions was the agency’s CEO, Wu Shuo Lun, and that they had met up to discuss issues related to work. They also clarified that Jerry was merely friends with Jenson, and that they had a private gathering together.

Jenson’s manager also released a statement, sharing that Jenson and Jerry are roommates in Beijing, China, and that they stayed in an apartment building, not a hotel, as previously claimed.

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