Jerry Yan denies knowing Seungri

They had happened to be in the same Taipei club on the same night


Following the barrage of charges against former BIGBANG member Seungri, the 28-year-old’s celebrity friends have also been placed under much scrutiny by the public and media alike.

As a result, Taiwanese celebrities Kai Ko, Darren Wang, and Chen Bolin have stepped forward to clarify their relationships with Seungri. The three of them have all previously paid a visit to Burning Sun, the South Korean nightclub at the centre of the controversy, and are friends with Seungri as well.

Recently, an insider revealed that Seungri had stopped by a Taipei nightclub, OMNI, when he visited Taiwan in January this year. Kai, Darren, and Bolin were also photographed partying in the club that night.


Later, a reader sent in a tip, sharing that they had seen Taiwanese singer-actor Jerry Yan at the club that night too. However, fans of the 42-year-old jumped to his defence, sharing that Jerry is not the type to hang out at nightclubs. 

On Wednesday (Mar 20), Jerry responded to the reports, sharing that he does not know Seungri at all. He also revealed that the reason he was in the club in the first place was because Chinese actor Jaycee Chan was there. Thus, he had gone there to greet Jaycee before leaving soon after. Jerry shared that he only knew that Seungri was at the club the very next day, when a friend mentioned it to him.

Photos: PBE Media

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