Jenny Zhang to finally have wedding ceremony after three years

The actress and her husband did not hold one when they registered their marriage


Chinese actress Jenny Zhang and her non-celebrity husband registered their marriage three years ago. Since then, the couple has gone on to have two children, both boys, together.

However, as they did not hold a wedding ceremony, the actress still addresses her mother-in-law as “aunt”, as Jenny feels that it would only be appropriate for her to address her mother-in-law as such when she "officially" ties the knot with her husband.

The actress and her husband are currently appearing on the reality show, Viva La Romance. During a pre-show interview last year, Jenny revealed that her husband “still owes me a wedding”. 


Recently, Viva La Romance released a series of pictures of Jenny trying on wedding gowns. The pictures also featured the actress’s husband, dressed to match in a white suit, with smiles on both their faces.

Following the release of the pictures, fans of the actress commented their excitement, sharing their joy that Jenny will finally be able to fulfill her wish of having an actual wedding ceremony.

Jenny experienced a surge in popularity after her stint as Concubine Shun in Story of Yanxi Palace.

Photos : PBE Media

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