Jennifer Tse gushes about her daughter on Instagram

The new mum can’t help but to miss her daughter whenever they’re apart.


Actress Jennifer Tse has been living life on the down-low ever since she became pregnant with her daughter. The 37-year-old chose not to announce her pregnancy to the public, and instead, disappeared from the spotlight in mid-2018. 

A year later, she dropped a bombshell on everyone when she announced in June that she is now the mother to a three-month-old baby girl. Even Jennifer’s older brother, actor-singer Nicholas Tse, was kept in the dark, with the latter revealing earlier this month that he “found out about [Jennifer’s daughter] through the news”.

Until now, the actress has not revealed the identity of her baby daddy. Media reports have speculated that the mystery man might be someone Jennifer met while she was studying abroad in Vancouver, Canada, as she had given birth there.


On Tuesday (Oct 22), Jennifer posted a picture of herself looking at her phone. "When I’m not with her, all I do is look at photos of her. She is my world,” she wrote in her caption, sharing how her daughter has changed her priorities in life.

The picture is the first “recent” photo she has posted since announcing the arrival of her daughter. Her only other post since then is an old family photo together with Nicholas and their parents, actor Patrick Tse and former actress Deborah Dik. Other than that, her updates have mostly consisted of beauty- and fashion-related posts on her Instagram Stories.

Photos: PBE Media, Instagram/Jennifer Tse

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