Jeannie Hsieh reconciles with dad Chu Keliang

The singer had previously cut ties with her estranged father


Taiwanese entertainer Chu Keliang, who was admitted into hospital earlier this month due to health issues, issued a joint statement together with his daughter, Taiwanese singer Jeannie Hsieh to refute rumours that he had passed away.

In October last year, the veteran entertainer, who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2014, underwent surgery to treat his condition. At the hospital, the 70-year-old refused to answer any questions regarding Jeannie, whom he had publicly fallen out with last May.

However, the duo’s joint statement revealed that the father-daughter pair have patched up their rocky relationship.

“In the 10 months since I left the entertainment industry, I’ve reunited with my father. Right now, I’m accompanying him as he goes through his treatment. I hope that everyone can give us some space, and allow my father to recover peacefully! As a daughter, I apologise to my father, I’m sorry, I love you. My father has also apologised to me,” the statement read.

It is understood that Jeannie has stayed by Keliang’s side throughout his hospitalisation, even bringing her son there so that her dad can meet his grandson.

Last year, Jeannie Hsieh played a video containing a message revealing her family’s complicated past at her concert, where she brought to light her father’s infidelities, amongst other allegations. He responded with a video message the next day, where he called her “poisonous and vicious”.


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