Jeannie Hsieh performs Chu Keliang’s favourite song in New York concert

The singer-actress got emotional in her tribute to her late dad

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After his return to the entertainment industry in 2009, Taiwanese entertainer Chu Keliang has often voiced out his desire to reunite with his estranged daughter, Taiwanese singer-actress Jeannie Hsieh.

However, Jeannie took into account the feelings of her mother, who was on bad terms with Keliang, and rejected her father’s attempts to reconcile with her. Last year, Jeannie even exposed the wrongdoings that Keliang had done to her mother during her concert, with Keliang angrily refuting her claims in a video message, deepening the rift between the two of them.

The relationship between the duo looked to be irreparable, until March this year, when the 70-year-old was hospitalised. As Keliang’s situation worsened, Jeannie’s heart softened, and they gradually rekindled their relationship as Keliang battled his illness.

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However, the entertainer eventually succumbed to his illness, and passed away from complications due to liver failure, along with multiple organ failure after cancer cells further spread to his abdominal cavity and lungs last Monday (April 15).

On Saturday (April 20), Keliang’s family held a seven-hour-long prayer session for the entertainer, which Jeannie was unable to attend due to her scheduled performance at Queens College in New York, America.

During her performance, Jeannie performed a number of love songs, from Bobby Chen’s ‘I Left Sadness To Myself’, to ‘The Price of Love’ by Sylvia Chang. Halfway through the performance, Jeannie, who was overwhelmed with emotions, had to turn around to compose herself before continuing with her performance.

Jeannie also performed her own song, ‘Crescent Moon’, which was Keliang’s favourite song.

“This song is my dad’s favourite, I sang it for you guys, as well as my dad,” Jeannie said, after performing the song.


She later teared up again as she performed Fong Fei Fei’s ‘Wanna Fly With You’, with her fans chanting for her to stay strong.

After performing the last song of the night, ‘Sister’, Jeannie yelled, “Daddy I love you,” before breaking down in tears and leaving the stage.

It was also rumoured that Jeannie’s mother forgave Keliang right before he passed away, though she has yet to turn up at the entertainer’s wake. However, she may still turn up at the official funeral for Keliang, which will be held on June 20.

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