Jeannie Hsieh pays tribute to late father on his death anniversary

They were estranged for 18 years, but reconciled shortly before his death


Taiwanese entertainer Chu Keliang passed away on May 15, 2017 after a three-year battle with colorectal cancer. This came less than two months after he reconciled with his daughter Jeannie Hsieh, whom he cut ties with for 18 years.

On his second death anniversary, Jeannie posted a photo of herself with her father with the caption, “Dad I miss you (…) you will always be in my heart #youneverleft”. The photo was taken when Keliang was 47 and Jeannie was 19.

The photo evoked a strong response online, as many got emotional looking at the former star looking happy and healthy in the snap.

Jeannie was unable to attend her father’s pre-funeral rites after his passing, as she wanted to fulfil her father’s wishes of carrying on with her scheduled concerts.

However, she attended his funeral, where she reportedly to have broken down in tears. At the time, a representative shared that the reason why Jeannie turned up was because she is a “magnanimous person (…) deep down, (she) knows what she should be doing and went to see her father for the last time.”

Keliang was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2014, and his health took a turn for the worse as the cancer metastasised, leading to multiple organ failure, among other complications. He passed away peacefully in his sleep.

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