Jeannie Hsieh absent for Chu Keliang’s pre-funeral rites

Her younger sister, Hsieh Jinjin, led the rites in her older sister’s absence

chu keliang jeannie hsieh

The late Taiwanese entertainer Chu Keliang passed away last month following a long battle with cancer. His family has shared that his funeral will be a joyful affair in accordance with his love for showbiz, and have issued golden invitation cards to guests ahead of the June 20 affair.

Before his funeral, his family has been holding numerous pre-funeral rites. On May 30, they conducted a ceremony that is typically led by the deceased’s daughters, where many were surprised to see that his older daughter, singer-actress Jeannie Hsieh was absent.

Instead, his second daughter, Hsieh Jinjin (also known as Twinkling Ting), led the rites. During which, she had to throw the Chinese Jiaobei (moon-shaped wooden divination blocks). She received three negative responses, and only received a green light after the monks explained two times why Jeannie was absent.

Jeannie, who was also absent for other prayer sessions in order to fulfil her father’s wishes of carrying on with her scheduled concerts, made a statement through her manager following the media’s questions about her absence.

Her manager expressed, “(Jeannie) has been making prayers in accordance with her father’s Buddhist beliefs… We ask for everyone to give her space to let her mourn.” Earlier reports also suggested that her health took a turn for the worse after her father’s passing, to which her manager shared, “(Contrary to reports), she hasn’t been feeling weak or unwell. She’ll pull through this, thank you for your concern.”

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