Jay Chou threatens scammer who claimed that he was selling his S$34.9 million house

The person also claimed that buyer would also be able to meet the multi-hyphenate in person

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Jay Chou has publicly shamed a scammer who claimed that the multi-hyphenate is selling his house.

The post, which was made by a Joshua Wu, wrote, “Helping Jay Chou to sell a house. When you buy it, you can meet Jay personally to sign the contract.” The post quickly gained traction online as many wondered why he was selling his house, and if Jay was in financial trouble.

Jay took to Instagram to clarify the matter, posting a screenshot of the original post along with the words, “Scammer. Do you want me to catch you and beat you up?”

After further investigation, the rumours first started when a netizen shared a screenshot on Weibo. In it, a property agent claimed to be helping Jay sell a house in Japan, adding that the apartment is 717.01 square meters. It was listed as a three-minute walk from Harajuku station in Tokyo.

The two-storey place also includes a huge living room and sprawling kitchen, along with a balcony. The price tag was a cool 2.68 billion yen (SS$34.9 million).

Before Jay clarified that the rumour is false, netizens quipped that it was perhaps time for the singer to release a new album if he was in need of money urgently.

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