Jay Chou takes his support for wife Hannah Quinlivan’s new movie up a notch

The multi-hyphenate revealed that he composed the theme song for ‘Sky Fire’


Looks like Jay Chou is sparing no expense to promote his wife, Taiwanese model-actress Hannah Quinlivan’s newest movie, Sky Fire, which opened in theatres today.

The multi-hyphenate previously promoted the movie on his Instagram, imploring his fans to help the movie get to the top of the leaderboard for upcoming films. 

Now, it appears that Jay has taken his support up a notch, revealing that he composed the theme song for the film. Lyrics for the song was written by Jay’s frequent collaborator, Taiwanese lyricist Vincent Fang, with Jay also lending his vocals to the song.

Yesterday (Dec 11), Jay posted the a clip of the theme song’s instrumental track, writing “(I bet) you guys don’t know when I wrote this song! I don’t need a lot of time to write a good song. (It comes easily) when you have the right feeling for it.”


“With my wife starring in the movie, it only makes sense that her husband should compose the theme song,” he added. 

Jay went on to reveal that he finished the song a day before Sky Fire was set to be released.

“I always mull over my songs for quite a while (before releasing it), but this time, I decided not to do so. Why not listen to it straight in the movie theatre?” the 40-year-old wrote.

Soon after, Hannah posted a message on her Weibo thanking everyone who had worked on the movie. At the very end of her post, she also included a line which netizens believe is indirectly addressed to her husband, who does not have a Weibo account.

“I still want to mention you in my Weibo post, to thank you for your support,” she wrote, indirectly extending her gratitude to her husband.

Photos: PBE Media

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