Jay Chou’s surprise collaboration with Mayday’s Ashin was a spur-of-the-moment idea

“Hey, do you want to come over to record together tonight?”


Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou’s latest musical release, ‘Won’t Cry’, which was released on September 16, had a surprise guest featuring in the track — Taiwanese rock band Mayday’s frontman, Ashin.

Ashin’s involvement in the track caught many fans by surprise, as neither Jay nor Ashin had teased anything about the latter’s appearance in the song. On September 17, Ashin took to his Instagram to reveal how the collaboration came about.

According to the singer, their collaboration was a spur-of-the-moment idea, with Jay texting Ashin, “ Hey, do you want to come over to record together tonight?” to which Ashin readily agreed.

The recording session took place on June 29, after the Golden Melody Awards had ended. "After the awards ceremony, I immediately immersed myself into the world of Jay’s recording studio.

His company is so big, (but) I only saw (lyricist) Vincent Fang, (recording teacher) Gary, and everyone’s big brother (Jay),” Ashin recounted.


Even though it was Ashin’s first time listening to the full song, he groused that Jay only let him listen to the song once, before “shutting me inside the recording studio”. 

He also reflected on their collab, writing, “ 20 years. Our fleeting youth has only left behind our present selves. I'm very happy to have participated and collaborated with Jay. The tears of our past, our future hesitation, hope that this song will accompany you (through it all), ‘Won’t Cry’.”

Jay later left a comment on Ashin’s post as well, writing, “Lead singer, the tears of your past, your future hesitations, I’ll accompany you regardless!”.

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